Starting Off

Writing has always been therapeutic to me. Starting from maybe 6th grade, I would write out (horrible) plots to stories I wanted to develop. Reading over them… Wow. You can really chart my phases and track my writing styles.

Later on, I would start writing editorials for different blogs.

Then, I decided to make my own blog. The first, like, 50, failed. So here’s to the 51st. This isn’t a personal blog, but rather a blog that will get me up and active. I love to cook and make green smoothies (and by smoothies, I really only mean the one basic smoothie I make, but I guess I will start to diversify). I love going out. I really hate going on dates… But! I’m hoping this blog will force me to leave my comfort circle of the two bars I frequent and go try out new places, just so you can get entertainment and enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy the snippet of my life I show y’all.

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